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Supreme Quality

We seek to keep our promise of providing you with the supreme quality products, in the most convenient way.

Professional Service

The products we sell here, are professionally packed with environment-friendly methods, delivered safely to you.

Customer Friendly

We respect our customers and thus provide them with the high-grade hospitality, without hesitation.

Smooth Process

We are committed to time conscious and efficient delivery of products to our customers worldwide.

Our Passion

Our strategic objective is to operate a customer-orientated company, offering our client satisfaction.

Why choose Us

We are glad we meet customer needs effectively through our quality products, and reliability.


ENAMA EN Plus A1, Belcert EN PLus A1, SGS specification, Belcert CE, AS:9001, ISO 1002:2018, ISO 9001:2015



Wood pellets

The quality of the fuel used can have a significant impact of the reliability and the life of the boiler. Off- specification pellets can contaminate stocks of good materials and maybe difficult to dispose of.

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Sunflower oil

We offer refined sunflower oil packed in bulk and in PET bottles. Custom design print labels and boxes for the bottles are available by request.

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Used clothes grade B

Our most common buyers of Grade B clothing are primarily in Africa countries where it is allowed. Our team works very hard to ensure the clothes that are graded have the smallest amount of waste possible.

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Skimmed milk powder

Instant skim milk powder is made from fresh milk which has been pasteurized, evaporated and then dried using an instant spray process which allows the milk powder to be easily reconstituted with water. Instant skim milk powder is a long-life product with perfect solubility which is widely used in recipes for soups, pie fillings and sauces, the production of chocolates, ice-cream, cakes, bread and edible concentrates.

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Demineralized whey powder wpd 40

Demineralized whey powder wpd 40

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